Thursday, April 08, 2010

Packing for a Collage Workshop this weekend-McCord Gallery

still in the process #9 Moose Calling Moon,
Ninth Moon, Micmac(tale of the Moose Calling Moon)
In this season when leaves begin to turn color, we go down to the lakes and with birch-bark horns make that sound which echoes through the spruce trees, the call of a moose looking for a mate: Mooo-ahhh-ahhh Mooo-ahhh-ahhh. If we wait there, patient in our canoes, the moose will come. His great horns are flat because, long ago before people came, Gloos-kap asked that Moose what he would do when he saw human beings. "I will throw them up high on my sharp horns," Moose said. So Gloos-kap pushed his horns flatter and made him smaller. "Now, Moose," he said, "you will not want to harm my people." So the Moose comes and stands, strong as the northeast wind. He looks at us, then we watch him disappear back into the willows again.

Always something happening around here, it's a nice chaos I figure. I like to think of it as a full time job instead of the dreaded word dysfunction or chaos. Lets say I move forward better when I have a flow happening.. so I ride it out. And along the way I pick up other things to keep on the back burner till I have an opening and then move into that opportunity.. Seems to work.. I've been aware of my work ethics lately out of my own curiosity and also from some old task work I didn't do from the Artist Way group I'm leading.. seems also like the time to do it. It's final come time to really get serious about making art...Never thought I would get this point... Always dabbled around and did whatever.. but I've been working on a series for a good long time and it has taken up all my time, different working arena lets say.. I've worked on a series before but not this long....I have to keep telling myself this is Okay and I don't need to worry... but I do have a few Art Fairs coming up and now with two galleries I'm going to be working with it's time to really put the creative inspiration into gear and pump out some art... Not that there's a demand for it these day it's mainly my own inner creative compass directing my traffic flow here. I've read that it's good to have something else planned while your doing one main thing... As of I've got a workshop this weekend and I'll be packing up for that today and tomorrow..seems like a long time but there's the homestead management team that needs to come in and do their work too(me so my day gets spread out a bit.) But what I'm talking about is I've got a new 8 week class starting up next week that I will be writing up the cucurilum for so student and myself have a guide on the direction we will be head with this class. I need it as much as they do. Then I'm also getting things set up for a trip to Wisconsin again.. Crazy or chaotic as some may say it's my way of keeping thing moving forward and also not to put all my eggs into one basket... I think you have to spread it out these days for the visiblity and to keep in out there so just by chance the right person or persons will see it and purchase it. I've also has to change my attitude a lot and my perspective on this which has helped out greatly... I've really had to take myself seriously and a working artists. My experience has shown me that by putting this all in to action or doing the foot work things do happen. So with that up to the studio.. add the finishing touches, then coat my #9 in the series and preparing #10 canvas while I'll be packing for the workshop... Oh and some where in it all while I take a bit of break I need to finish up 4 more ATC for the Trade tomorrow night at the opening and make a 4 x 7 collage for the membership card to see if I can win back my membership to the collage society I already paid for..or extend it to next year... busy...busy..busy.. but loving it the whole way..


  1. Loving the progress on your pieces and your artistic self. Huge hugs for the help you provided!

  2. The moose moon is great! Loving the series and the attitude you've tapped into! Those galleries are expecting exactly that attitude and enthusiasm!


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