Sunday, April 11, 2010

Moving slow

I always seem to be a bit poky after a day of workshopping.... Being attentive, emotionally, physically and yes I'm going to say spiritually it can suck a little bit of life out of you... so recharging the batteries this morning... It's work, that's all and some days it can knock your socks off. Grateful I have it and that I can... The students worked hard and we were on task as much as possible.. but I do need to cut back on somethings as of I always go over in time and not able to give enough time in the end for creating...Here I go giving my own critique of my workshop... Can't help it...Evaluation the situation and looking for areas of improvement, not perfection but areas to make it run smoother for everyone. This way I can be on top of my game as best I can... All in all they walked way with lots and will need a few days to sort it all out I'm sure... I know when I take a class and or workshop myself it's something that continues to teach me even after many with that all I'm going into today's activities... At around 10:00ish I'll be heading into the city with a few other artists to drop off our work for the CAC's Chicago Art Open then put on every year.. this year it will be at the River East Art Center...Kind of excited to see that... I don't know if I'll go to the opening night but may do a free day and visit the art institute too. But that's a few days away... Then after that home for lunch and then to the MCS Meeting when Sarah Rehmer will be giving us demo on Encaustic painting.. I'm pretty excited about this.. So when the evening comes around I'm going to be wipe but a Happy wiped out.

I've also heard that my blog is loading up slower, been doing some checking in on that and trying to figure it out...I've made some changes and still more as of deleting things that really art important... don't know if it will help.. I like the lay-out of this template... so will see how it works.. Sorry for the slowness...

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  1. I like the layout and it load just fine for me. The header on the Artist Way blog loads slow.


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