Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Moon of Falling Leaves

Moon of Falling Leaves
24 x 24 collage on canvas

Inspired from the book, Thirteen Moons on Turtle’s back
A Native American Year of Moons, by Joseph Bruchac and Jonathan London

Long ago, the trees were told they must stay awake seven days and nights, but only the cedar the pine and the spruce stayed awake until that seventh night. The reward they were given was to always be green, while all the other trees must shed their leaves. So, each autumn, the leaves of the sleeping trees fall. They cover the floor of our woodlands with colors as bright as the flowers that come with the spring. The Leaves return the strength of one more year’s growth to the earth. This journey the leaves are taking is part of that great circle which holds us all close to the earth.

Tenth Moon, Cherokee
Some how my blog is working really fast now for me...I've made the change to blogger draft and it's got some great new things going on and I think they will be changing for everyone. You had to go to the site Blogger in Draft and then follow from there but with the new stuff it was awhile before everyone else could see it I guess with the different Internet providers like Safari and Firefox and then Internet explorer and AOL... it hard to get everything to work at the same pace. My daughter is having that problem now with the new look for my websites...she been working at it for the past couple of weeks between her life and work and hopefully soon things will be up.
I need to put the coats of Varnish on the piece above because it so glossy now but it' the finishing touch one needs to do. I have three more to work on and the series will be done.. must crack the whip on myself.. I've a lot of ideas I've been putting on the minds sidelines to finish this... #11 canvas is coated and waiting the papers..not to get a move on that.
I need to look at some of my paperwork today as I think there's some other show due dates coming up and also dates for picking up artwork.. don't want to miss that.
Off the stool and on with the day!!


  1. I love it! Seems they're coming to a close soon? Really great piece!

  2. This post contains a new concept & a interesting one.Very nicely described.Keep positing more.


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