Friday, April 23, 2010

a little bit about this class

Added note about all these papers... what are we going to use them for? and why are the students making the papers? all good questions, I'm a firm believer in process and though I like things instant. But if you ask me what my favorite part is about making art and doing what I'm doing it has to be about the moment in the middle of it.. Can anyone be so happy at being in the middle, well I think I can when it comes to make art. So each session I try to have each student really get involved in the whole process.. Oh we could go out and buy some awesome papers out there can't we but then everyone has the same papers.. and all the art work will look the same... something like a bit of scrapbook effect.. now not trying to dis the scrapbookers one bit, but that's what they are for scrapbooks.. Art is for the individual soul and person to coming out to express themselves..making their mark in this world and long the way their having some great fun and we forget about how good it feels to get our hands dirty and be really involved in it don't we..
As the class session begins I try to introduce a different thing we can all learn about creating new papers.. the wonder about that is the student come back in and share their experimenting they did at home or with another group and we continue to learn.. It just gets passed along. Then next part in this all is the hidden creative juices that start by freely playing around.. Oh this can get serious but it all starts with play... As we go into each week... yes the students will have paper growing out their back doors but they have gained so much more too.. The whole concept of using what is fresh on their minds and creating a piece of art work will be talked about the next few weeks as we all working on some more exercises to help us build up to the main project. There's some concerns already about this but we will all do fine..

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  1. I appreciate the beauty of handmade papers! Adds that uniqueness to be original.


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