Saturday, April 17, 2010

Class yesterday~Contemporary Storytelling in Collage

I received a book I ordered in time to put together a few of the stamps and printing tools for this class. I always like to start off with a new way to do something to paper to make it uniquely yours. And by using every day recycled things for that it just adds the playfulness to the whole group and we cut the serious stuff till later.. The wood blocks my son cut were used for make the tools for printing..
Here is Mary Beth, Jeanne and Eve wrapping the wire around the dowel rod to create a rolling stamp that next week we will be printing with. We are going to use Deli Sheets, sketch pad paper and we will be doing the national geographic paper using the citra solve stuff... Not collage that day just making and creating papers for what we don't know..

This is my results form the collage exercise I presented to the class yesterday. I cut out of the newspaper all week different words and half sentences that would spark or prompt some creative thoughts... I had each of them pick a number and on the fold piece of paper I had a number written to match this way they didn't get to pick, instead they were give at random...My thoughts on this was the word Contemporary means, present and now...So by doing it this way that would force them to be present and act on what they received now.. So after they received their sheet of paper with the word taped on it I asked them to write what ever came to them...they had 5 minutes.. nothing would be right or wrong with this. After that I draw on the board what I felt my piece might evolved to, if I could only use the elements and principle of design and use no images..OH.. you would think I said a dirty was tough for them ... My words on the paper were Rooted in Nature and as you can see above my piece I created.. I would like to add some black thread in there for the roots yet..The plan is to create this exercises to help them do more with the elements and principles so later when their pieces are working or not they can question what it might need.. we will have a mid session critique and talk about this more.. I'm pushing them a bit more because their ready for this.


  1. I love the dowel idea. The paper clip stamp looks very interesting!

  2. They are Diana don't know when I would use the paper but it sure it fun making it.. and life it a short one so why not fit as much play as you can it and enjoy it.

  3. That's a great little piece!


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