Friday, March 19, 2010

Stay commited to you work and life-Gratitude

One of many book shelves in my studio space.... I just couldn't give up the physical feeling of a them dearly. The books that are on the middle shelve are my creative writing journals. I think at the beginning of 2009 I wanted to make 4 of them well 6 of them on the shelve and one I'm working on... when you do something long enough it becomes a habit...
Inside pages already written in. the book I'm working on now is called Slow river, I picked it off the shelves at are local library for 50 cents...I picked it for the title it was to help me slow down..which by far hasn't worked... I just have to accept I'm form the restless type of creative ones. "got to be doing all the time..."

more inside pages ready for me to write on...

A while back I made this stamps from the Dick Blick eraser 1"x 1", 1"x 2" there great for creating you own little stamp on the world.

I like to make these books, I do up about 10 pages in advance with gluing three page together and then gessoing over the already written words so I can create a new writing surface.. nothing new just something I love to do. I like to do it quickly so the darn censor doesn't step in. It usually turns out well.. Some time I had ribbon, string and punch holes... My favorite thing to do is carry it around and just plop down and start writing... I images I"m some great writer and sit for lunch some where and's amazing how people treat you differently when they see you doing that. funny world we live in...

yesterday's events
I was able to accomplish all that was plotted out to do... the word plotted is a funny one for me as I was sharing with a friend from North Carolina and she said Plotting was a means for getting her plans to work out to her advantage... So with that... I kind of laugh when I do my lists and make "plans"....(now thinking of a stronger word, Plotting, always wanting to have it work out to my advantage) I have big expectation that I will be doing them all, and Katie bar the door if I don't... I'm a stickler to my list and what I want to accomplish...but it's easier then some as I work out of my home and studio space and I have a loving supportive husband to tend to the major money matter but I still carry my weight round here... I'm the lawn service, the cleaning service, the accountant, the pet sitter, the food manager, and the over all top chef.... then there's the creative side that needs to be filled as I juggle all the rest, as of scouting out possible work for myself as of workshops and teaching opportunities. Oh and then there's the part that's been put on the way side for a little while and that's creating my collage art... what does this all have to do with stay strong in our life and committed? My gratitude to be able to do all this stuff. All that what I do is what leads to this wonderful feeling I get when I'm in the moment of creating... all this forms and circles around me and brings great joy... funny as it sounds but to have a home, yes still under construction for the 20years but it's ours and to have a yard to tend too, so when I wake up in the morning I look out my window and see life just welcoming the new day. To always picking up after the adults in the just bring a fullness that is hard to describe. It's where it's come to now and I'm committed to it. I'm learning to take some risks...trying new things out and exploring new territories. When I finish a piece of my artwork I truly believe all of this goes into each piece, and I wouldn't have it any other way... its about what I have and keeping that, not about what I don't have and wanting more... though I do like a new pair of boots now and then...can't help lest it's not wanting the diamonds...Keeping life simple and fulfilling is the biggest challenge one part takes in and really truly enjoying it all. Can we be thankful for our messes...I think so, builds a good life, holes with the hills

Yesterday while I was in the studio I felt that I was missing something... I couldn't figure it out then it dawned on me.. My creative journals I use to writing in besides my morning pages I do... I've not been doing them for at lest three months... I missed that when I could just grab it and start writing what ever... It excites me to write on the pages... I was also thinking that at my age now what works in my life as of what makes me feel good and why do I sway away? good question I continual ask myself...but I guess it the path I take as it's not always straight and for good reason too. When I sway a little to the right I'm affected by that and I learn new things what not or what to do... well I'm rambling and thinking out loud to you all... best bust a move on the day~
Little bet more....
I've submitted a packet to Flying Pig gallery and they got back to me...I was going to call them but they emailed me and are working on a proposal now for some sort of grant their working and and they will be giving me a call later...Door County here I come...... and also Verona WI and Lac du Flambeau...Need to look for a home up that's a big dream.....


  1. Your books are great, Laura. Always love seeing them. What a nice account of your thoughts, etc. So much fun to look back on one day.

  2. Will you still be wintering here? Although I'm sure there'd be lots of work for Randy up there.


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