Monday, March 22, 2010

New day.... weather changing again oh spring

This morning I have to be at the McCord Gallery for a photo shoot/interview/cable thing... Jim P. the Gentleman that is in my class on Fridays was able to put this all together for the group of some of my students...the work is hung and it will be exciting to see how it all looks there. We are to have a picture taken and I guess do a cable TV interview...I'm pretending I don't care about this so the nerves and all the ugly stuff doesn't come in and try to take over my all understand.. keeping lite and simple and easy going is the best thing to do... Then after that I need to work on my art piece and start getting ready for a mini workshop at Waubonsee Community college and make plans for my oldest who still lives at home and is turning 25.....celebration on March 31st always lots going on.. till later Spring is here but old man winter just doesn't know how to let go....

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  1. I do hope you were able to interview without Censor Sue hanging about! Congrats and well done!


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