Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Morning with a list a mile long

I'm really digging the colors I picked for the blog... one of the no no's in the Internet that I've read by the guru's is you shouldn't have a black background and white letters or colored letters.. but I have that going on in my website...Oh well this is grey with orange... and white letters.. something a bit different... well see what happens... If anyone is interested in doing this and didn't get the email let me know and I'll pass the site long.. there is a lot more really neet things you can customly do to your blog...

Well I've been packing and getting things ready to go for the Workshop on Wednesday... got to have everything right... (secretly a perfection on that part of my life) But I don't have a lot of time with them and I want them to have a good experience so I'm pre-coating the image transfers so that they can cut and tack down with the heat seal iron.. I have one more coat to give them today.. silly me has 45 sheets to coat.. want to give them a good variety to pick from..

Wednesday is my oldest Birthday she will be 25 years old and we are having a party that evening, grateful all she wants for dinner is Pizza from our favorite pizza place.. makes my job bit easy since I have to work in the morning.

Have Art Tribe meeting tonight in Warrenville this time.. so crazy its not that far away but with traffic it can take a hour sometimes to get there.. should be a good meeting, last meeting it was a bit crazy with everyone talking at the same time... hard to hear what everyone is doing and I do want to hear.. so we will see what comes of tonight.. It's good to have a support group like that of your peers... keeps you accountable to your intentions.. and for networking.. I talked with Mary Beth Shaw.. awhile back for a book interview and she said all the artists that she picked to be in the book all had there own group of people that work with or support group like an Art tribe where the meet and share info... it was amazing to me too to hear that..

I would like to fit in another walk in the woods today also as the forest is begin to change and I love to watch or shall I witness the events as they happen.. There are lot of oak leave still on the forest floor so it's hard to see the wild flower but the sign of wild onions are popping up all over.. refresher on this word.. Chicago is an Native American name for wild onion or smelly one.. something like that I don't know if its Pottawatomie Indian.. well I was wrong on that as of the native tribe.. I was the Illini Indians I guess. But probably relative to the Pottawatomie.. listen to me Like I really know.. well is was something to share.

Ok to the post office to mail out a present to a dear friend, make some banana bread, because they are calling to be made into bread and to coat the papers and do the walk... not in that order but there is a plan.. I joked with my friend about making the plan or is it the plot.. the plot is a little bit more controlling then the plan.. The plan I feel has room to be flexible..
OK enough of my rambling .. off and on with the day.

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