Monday, March 08, 2010

MCS meeting and fast thinking.

Fast thinking and movement was called upon yesterday at the MCS meeting.. as me being the Darien Resident had not set the date for the meeting...but with the shooting that happened In Darien a week or so ago the police station training room was being used to take care of their business so if I had saved that date with them they would have crossed us off and out of there.. So with Eve driving we scooted that little Mini Cooper over to the Library and they fixed us up in the Story Time room... it was a bit small but we managed and improvised. We had 32 members in this small room and thankful everyone was good about it... though we did have a few new or not yet members leave us early on.. I hope they come back...Barb and George as things will settle down and we will be in our old place soon enough... Circumstances were out of our control... I was thankful I made my book the night before and had that wonderful experience of stitching a book and binding it that way.. Cause with the surprising amount of people that came Ann need my help... I was drawing diagrams on the dry eraser board to help other see what was going on.. We did honor you Going out President Tania and Vice President Ann with flowers for all their hard work and leadership... a new batch of members have stepped up with exciting thing going on.. so you can keep posted and informed at Midwest Collage Society Blog

Now today I have some things I need to take care of.... small debate of I should buy a new vehicle or get new tires and brakes for the Van I have... well being the tightwad I am I decided to get tires and the brakes will come next when Master Mechanic in the homestead here can fix them. And then I've got to pull my little bit of writing skills together to write up description for the Dillman's deal on Saturday..well I don't need it for that but I need that for the brochure they will be creating for 2011..
Then I need to add the finishing touches like the backing to my piece for the Paper Bundle Collaborative Exhibit coming up at LaGrange Art League.. I will be hanging it this coming Sunday... busy work and loving it all.. engaged and enmeshed in it..

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  1. So happy to hear others have stepped up and taken place for the group! It all works out well.


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