Saturday, February 27, 2010

Second Day of Collage Workshop

A little dusting of snow as fallen over night and it's a bit cloudy but a perfect day to be doing collage inside a great big building... I'm completing the second day of the two day workshop today. It should be a great day.. all the hard work of making the papers and not knowing what they will be doing with them and where their going.. They were so trusting in me. Today we will work up to it with some simple collage exercises I have and then the really fun begins..

I received some sad news the little deli/cafe that I have my work hanging in is closed... rent went way to high and she had to close. Now I was to pick up my work on Friday but it will have to be on Monday as my weekend is all booked up.. I hope this is good I've not heard back so that means the time slot on Monday works for her too... I'm worried but not too, more frustrated at the people that think raising the rent is the right thing to do... we need the small town business... Well I won't go off on a raging tantrum... it just is sad... I want to say "People What are You doing, Your crush us..."

Well time to make a lunch and load up the packing I did yesterday,looking forward to a very highly creative day..

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  1. That is very sad, taxation is out of control, only so much loss can be written off. Hope she tries again.


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