Friday, February 12, 2010

OMGosh... can't believe it...

Yesterday our Make your Mark journal project committee got word from the manager at the Dick Blick's in Wheaton that they will be our sponsor for this project.. so cool.... We are a bunch of happen campers. I'm going to share with you what it's all about as I copy this rough draft in.

Call to artists, crafters, writers, journal keepers:
The LaGrange Art League is launching Make Your Mark journal project. The intention of the journal project is to dispense 201 numbered journals into our communities and have these journals passed around between friends, family and strangers, each making their own unique, creative mark, then passing the journal on.
At the end of a nine month journey, all journals (hopefully) will be returned to the LaGrange Art League for a gallery show , September 2011.
All 201 journals are donated by Blick Art Materials in Wheaton (web link). Blick will take journal number 201 and pass it around to every Blick store in the country for their employee-artists to make their mark.
To sign up for a journal go to (LAL web link) and register. Applications for journals will be available in (date).

We are so very excited and also the art league is going to do a Regional Exhibit soon they will launch that in May... all very good positive things happening..

Well got my inner packets for my workshop printed off and almost thought I lost it but found it in my files of the computer... been losing a bit of the mind each day lately... just my age and I'll find it on the other side I'm sure and if not then it wasn't important right...
so off to pack for class and home to clean my big fish tank...soooo in badly need of good cleaning and then the house plants will be happy with vitamin water...Oh my aloe is blooming again this year bi annually bloomer she is... mess though as the bloom leaks sappy stuff all over. but it's very neat...

Off and on it today.


  1. Oh congrats Laura! So very excited for you and proud to see that you launched this idea.

  2. Woo Hoo! I'd also love to see the aloe blooming! How long does it last?

  3. What a fabulous project! I look forward to seeing it develop.

  4. I can feel your excitement, Laura!

  5. Excitment is in the air or shall I say underground waiting to pop!

    Good to hear from you all and Karen new face there. Loving you work!

  6. Hey Laura

    I thinkthis is such a wonderful opportunity for all of us out there. I went to the LAL website and could not find anything. But I will return. I think it would be neat to do a themed journal with all the students from where I teach up here in McHenry! Woohoo...I am excited!

  7. Will keep you all posted.. There is only 200 so when the application comes out that's it just 200, better bust a move and sign up for one.


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