Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Expanding and contracting and moving forward

I was able to finish up some last minute things. And I got the phone call my youngest daughter, Bernie...she has a Jeep wagoner and it's a bit older with lost of miles but for a young adults it's the happening vehicle... Call from daughter-"You see the Jeep Mom was making some wild sounds and then the power steering went out and it was really hard to turn...Ok honey where are you?? safe at a gas station and with her friend.. So I call my mother in law and asked about a power steering pump and if you could drive it home like that.. which would be about a mile... (as you read this I have no idea what is really wrong with it) So I head up there with my other things to do for the day- and needing to change out a piece of art at the Cafe because I have a sale.. Drama is happening and how do you handle... Glad I taught the kids to be calm... Think ahead... So she did and her friend Trisha called Justin... fresh out of Auto school... He came there the same time I did...(oh he has the biggest black truck around.. I love the tires, told him when I get on with my mid-life thing I want a black jeep with tires as big as his so when I turn I fall over.....He didn't know what to day but laugthed... Bernie said see Justin where I get it from.. Well to shorten it up the Powerstear can be effected but the serpent belt that came off and the bent bolt that was part of a pulling thing.. I stayed for a while so I could help pay for the parts cause Justin was going to fix it right way...those young guys... to funny... then they had the parts and I had to go...After I left the bolt broke off in the one part so they and the jeep were screwed... Justin end up following Bernie home and Dad/hubby had to save the day and drill out the bolt and finish fixing it all before she had to go to college around 3:00...Just an amazing Mr. Fix-it... Randy came home just after she got wild...
In the mean time I made a sale and changed out the art work watch people react to my work on the wall and enjoyed a nice salad by myself reading a new mixed media book that came in. (just one more book Melinda that's all one more)

When I came home I decided to go through my three folder, one show, one fairs and one classes, demo's and workshops. I looked over things and make sure I have due date jotted down and the next steps to take... I checked my emails and there was one from Old Town.. Art fair in Chicago... I was rejected... but then I received another email not even in 5 minutes later for a opportunity and invitation to exhibit at Madden Art Center in Decatur IL... I jump on the email an called the lady right up and we chatted and before I know it I was sent more info...Nov 2010 I'll be driving to Decatur to drop off work.. How cool is that?

Tonight I'll be giving a Demo for Lemont Artist Guild so off I go to fill the day and do the walk in the woods.. the last two days I've been putting my full focus on getting ready for the workshop this weekend..

Living the full Life!


  1. Hey Laura,
    You are one busy artist! Congratulations on Spirit Walker and on the Decatur show.

    Took Max for 3 miles this morning. It was good to get out, but I admit, can't wait until I can walk out of the house without being bundled up like a bear!

  2. Good to hear all the drama resolving itself, and congrats on that sale and new exhibition space, And uh, caught you reading!


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