Monday, January 25, 2010

New Week ahead~

New week awaits with great things to do... I'm really excited about the classes as they are taking off. Learning to layer and add textures and now to get ready to bring it all together. I was able to spend some time in the studio working on a piece for the classes(sample) and also working the #7 in my series... Oh probably you are all tired of hearing about that...well I'm at the half way point with the series too and I'm tired of it but it's one of those things I won't let go of because I started it and need to come to closure on it... Just hitting some stumble blocks with it and need to buckle down and work my way through it. (kicking up the creative problem solving skills that all)

I've got class tonight in my Photo Shop Elements, amazing how much you remember when you start practicing ... been playing and understanding the program a bit better, feeling more confident with it.

Tried to fit in a walk in the woods, it was drizzling but thought that most of the snow would be melted. Well it was out there but the path was a sheet of ice... I continued at lest to do the one lap/2 miles but had to walk on the side, not to bad but the dog pooh was terrible. Crossed path with a couple walking their two dogs, I commented to them that it's bit tricky to walk today and then responded with yes and do you see the amount of dog pooh out here... I chuckled a bit because that was my thoughts too. The Lady pull out her plastic bags and announced she picks up after her dogs what is everyone else problem?... And we continue to finish our walks careful dodging the piles out there. Big adventure in the woods.

So time to tackle the list of small but very important things today.

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  1. All those piles became unburied with the thaw!


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